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Lions sign German champion and fresh talent to PUBG roster!

Azrael and Itzz_ChrizZ will leave the Lions and we welcome piidde, derinor in their places!

Our newest signing brings star power and expertise to our PUBG roster in the form of Mario “piidde” Pidde. The 20-year-old lives near Nuremberg and his most recent accomplishment includes winning the initial season of PUBG at ESL Meisterschaft, Germany’s most prestigious national tournament. Accompanying him will be Tim “derinor” Wieczorek, a rather unknown German player with promising results.

Azrael has already left the Tollenz Lions roster two weeks ago and piidde was considered as a replacement, but before we could set this in stone, Itzz_ChrizZ sought the exit door as well. We have decided to take chances on a fresh talent from the German PUBG scene to take his place and derinor will try to showcase his capabilities in the international competition very soon!

First of all I’d like to say that this has been one of the best orgs I’ve ever worked with. Everybody is friendly and most importantly sincere. There have been differences in opinion, but we have always been able to resolve them in a friendly manner. But things change, and I wanted to change and look for new opportunities. There’s something in the works already! My goal has always been to play for a team that has time, dedication and stability, which hadn’t quite worked out for us in recent time. – Itzz_ChrizZ

With our new roster additions, we hope to set an end to the shaky results we have gathered in recent weeks. Since this composition is absolutely new and untested, we have no idea what to expect from the team. So we will look to maintain this four-man squad and give them as much time as possible to glue together.

Esports can sometimes be quite a unique workplace. I am still amazed by my naiveté, thinking that there’s something like longevity in this space. I am not going to lie, the situation of our PUBG team in recent weeks hasn’t left me satisfied – just two months ago we believed to have one of the best German teams in our ranks, today we’re seeing this with a rather “sober” eye. Of course this isn’t a problem unique to us, especially the PUBG scene has seen this as a common phenomenon. Nonetheless I am confident in our ability to return to stability and consistency, because in that regard we are proving everyone right who says that esports are not real sports right now. With this in mind, I want to bid farewell to all the players who have represented and left us in recent weeks, especially Mike "Azrael" Thiele and Christian "Itzz_ChrizZ" Blank, some of our longer-standing teammates. Good luck in the future! And to our newer players I say welcome, and may we reach old heights together again. – Uwe Semtner, General Manager

GLL Season 3 is currently underway, a league in which we are hoping to improve on our standings. While our start into the league has been terrible, we have slowly been grinding out improvements and can hopefully make our way back into the Alpha Division in the near future. The first big season of ESL Meisterschaft is also around the corner and our lineup will try to shake up the German scene with some amazing performances!

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