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GLL Season 2 Grand Finals

Final Video impressions from the GLL Grand Finals

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#letsroar Lions at the GLL S2 Finals in Stockholm

Our PUBG team will be in action this weekend at the Global Loot League Finals in Sweden.
GLL is the largest PUBG League in the Western scene, with over $100,000 on the line in the second season and over 1500 squads having participated in more than 6 weeks in gruelling qualifiers from three regions.
The top 16 teams from around the world have already arrived in Stockholm, Sweden to compete in the GLL Season 2 Grand Finals from today onwards until Sunday, August 12th at Nobelberget.

The Finals of GLL Season 2 will feature teams such as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Ghost Gaming… and our PUBG boys are in the mix as well! With a strong finish in the regular season, we managed to qualify for the offline event in Stockholm, Sweden. This will be the first LAN outing of these players under the Tollenz Lions banner, but our players are well prepared and feel confident going into the tournament. In this feature we will give you an overview about the things as they will happen in Stockhom, as well the results and behind the scene info from our team.

Day 1 Recap

The Global Loot League Finals commenced at around 15:30 CET. From there on, a total of six matches dictated the flow of the day and gave us plenty of opportunities to prove ourselves and attain a high placing amongst all the other top teams. Which is exactly what we did!
We opened up the day with a second place finish in the first round. Only Wildcard managed to best us, but fortunately they fell pretty early in the second match. For us only a fourth place was in store, which was still enough to maintain the #2 spot. All of this changed suddenly, when we took the third round by storm! We ended up in a duel with Team Liquid and removed their last player from the map in order to treat us with a sweet Chicken Dinner. Not only was this reason enough for our players and staff to jump up in excitement, we also climbed onto the first place amongst all participants with a considerable margin to the next team in line!
This margin helped us to stay in that place, even after the shocking defeat we had to suffer in Match 4. Unfortunately, bad luck is also a part of PUBG and sometimes you just can't get a good footing in the game, regardless of your efforts. Ending it on last place meant no points for us, but the other teams weren't able to dethrone our squad until Match 5, in which we couldn't get past the eleventh place. Still, we only descended to the #2 spot!
For the sixth and last match of the day, we once again weren't able to enter the top 10. On 14th place, we at least accumulated some points to make our descent not as harsh. Ultimately, we ended up on the fifth place in the overall rankings. Considering our earlier efforts, this is not ideal. But we have shown what we are capable of - and now that we have the means to make it to the top, we just have to couple it with some consistency and a tiny bit of luck.
Less than 200 points lie between us and the first place, so join us as we head into battle tomorrow at 15:30 CET for the second day of the PUBG GLL Season 2 Finals!

Day 2 Recap

For the second day, we were going in with high spirits. Unfortunately, bad luck struck us again and we had to concede the 7th round on last place. For the following one, we regrouped and were able to better ourselves to 10th place, and in Round 9 we finally cracked the Top 4 again - thanks to Resu- sneakily staying alive, hidden in plain sight.
A 7th place gave us a few vital points extra, but in Round 11 we were once again struck down without entering the Top 10. For the 12th and overall last round of the day, we managed to rack up quite a presentable amount of kills, although 9th place wasn’t exactly what we had hoped for. A few kills more, one or two unlucky situations less and we could have reached a higher place. We know that and will work hard to fine-tune and improve again for the remaining matches.
So Day 2 didn’t go exactly as planned. Nonetheless, our performance keeps us in the running. We’re still Top 8 and the margin above is quite small. Two good games can carry us into the Top 4 again – and for tomorrow we plan to do exactly that. The final day of the GLL Season 2 Finals will commence at 15:30 CET, so be sure to join in!

Day 3 Recap

On Day 3, we once again kicked off with a less-than-sublime performance. We conceded Round 13 on the 14th place, and in the following we were only able to claim another 13th place. But we’re better than this, and in the next rounds we showed why!
Round 15 put the Lions in fifth place, with a total of five kills as well. In Round 16, most things went according to plan as well and we could climb to a 6th place, which helped us a lot in the overall rankings. A 10th place in between stained our record again, but then came the last match of the tournament…
By then we had already lost out in the tournament ranks, but we wanted to make it count anyways! So we went all in and were able to achieve another 5th place, putting us on the #10 spot for the event. In the process we have beaten a lot of high-profile teams, so we are quite proud of how the tournament went for us. Of course a Top 8 or Top 4 finish would have suited us better – but we wanted to leave some room for improvement! ;)
Season 2 of Global Loot League has been quite the experience for us and we will hold this event dear. So many memorable scenes for you viewers, so many great memories for the entire Lions family – and this is just the very beginning! Our PUBG squad will continue to evolve. The first step has been laid down here and in light of our performance on the first day, we see potential to make it way further and outgrow all expectations.
Thanks to GLL for bringing us out to such a fantastic event and thanks to everyone who tuned in and cheered for us. With that being said - #LetsRoar folks!


Friday to Sunday

15:00 – Broadcast starts
15:30 – Game #1 Starts
16:30 – Game #2 Starts
17:30 – Game #3 Starts
18:10 – Dinner and player break
19:00 – Game #4 Starts
20:00 – Game #5 Starts
21:00 – Game #6 Starts  

* Schedule may change

Prize Pool

1st – $40,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd – $10,000
4th – $7,000
5th – $5,000
6th – $4,000
7th – $3,000
8th – $2,500
9th – $2,000
10th – $1,500
11-12th – $1,000 each
13-14th – $800 each
15-16th – $700 each

Along with the $100,000 prize pool that will be distributed as stated above there will be an additional $500 per chicken dinner up for grabs.


Final standing


GLL Main stream and the Lions Team stream side by side

GLL Main Stream

Lions Team Stream

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Selection of Day 1 images

Selection of Day 2 images

Selection of Day 3 images

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