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WCG Montreal 2018

Tollenz Lions at WCS Montreal

DreamHack Montreal will host a StarCraft II World Championship Series event and our Lions are right in the middle!

scarlett news 03Montreal will be the very last tournament of the 2018 WCS Circuit, which went through Leipzig, Valencia and Austin beforehand. Our very own Scarlett has received a direct invite to the event, while Bly will be attending the Open Qualifier.

Back in Leipzig, Germany, Scarlett was unable to advance from her group after losing twice to Sweden’s Namshar. Bly topped his group, only to lose out in the first playoffs round against TRUE from Korea. While both managed to go through the groups in Austin and Valencia, they couldn’t get past their initial playoffs opponents.

Nonetheless, these placings are vital for them. The events’ winners will advance to the WCS Global Finals directly, while the remaining four spots will be decided through Circuit Points. Bly and Scarlett will have a shot at qualifying through either ways. Since Serral has swept through all WCS events so far, two more spots will be awarded through these placement points, which gives Bly and Scarlett a bigger chance at making it to the WCS Finals.

scarlett news 01Scarlett has had an amazing year so far, being the first woman ever to make the Quarter Finals of South Korea’s GSL. Before that, she made headlines by winning IEM Pyeongchang as the first woman to ever win a major StarCraft II event. Not only that, it was the first ever event supported by the International Olympic Committee and was played out right before the Winter Olympics took place.

How did she get to this point? So much of it can be attributed to her collaboration with NoRegreT, a friend and fellow StarCraft player from Canada. In 2016, he had made the bold decision to move to South Korea, in order to play and live with Team MVP in their team house. When that location was given up, he was faced with a harsh reality – manage to find somewhere to live for himself or go back home. That’s where Scarlett came in and together they decided to create a location for foreign StarCraft players who wanted to compete in Korea. What was initially just a two-room apartment, quickly grew bigger and became the go-to place for players such as Neeb, Elazer, Hurricane and SpeCial. During that time, Scarlett refined her play-style, with mastermind NoRegreT standing behind her. This training with numerous high-profile international and Korean players finally came to fruition at IEM Pyeongchang, where she claimed the trophy in spite of opponents like sOs and Elazer. A week later, she advanced to the 2018 GSL Season 1 Quarter Finals after wins against Zest and INnoVation, the first foreigner to do so and the first female player to ever make Quarter Finals at GSL!

scarlett news 02You can see where this leads up to. WCS Montreal will be the last shot at making the Global Finals – and what a way that would be to end the 2018 Season! But she isn’t alone in this endeavor, our very own Bly will also try to fight through the bracket.

If you want to follow his journey, his matches will begin on Friday. Should he make it through, he will join Scarlett, as well as countless high-profile players. Our Lions will have to defend themselves against TRUE, SpeCial, Neeb, Elazer and most importantly Serral, who has won all previous WCS events this year. Their matches will kick off on Saturday, to tune in at to see the Tollenz Lions in action!

Images by Blizzard Entertainment and Andre Hainke


Friday to Sunday
all times CEST

Friday, 7th
19:00 – Group Stage #1
Groups A-P (64 players in 16 groups) will start simultaneously.
Lions|Bly will play group F

22:00 – Group Stage #2
Groups A-H (32 players in 8 groups) will start simultaneously.
Lions|Bly will play group A

Saturday, 8th
01:00 – Group Stage #3
Groups A-H (32 players in 8 groups) will start simultaneously.

16:00 – Round of 16 (Bo5)

Sunday, 9th
16:00 – Quarterfinals (Bo5)
21:20 – Semifinals (Bo5)

Sunday, 10th
00:40 – Grand Finals (Bo7)

* Schedule may change

Prize Pool

1st – $20,000 / 3,000 Pts
2nd – $10,000 / 1,400 Pts
3rd-4th $6,500 / 900 Pts
5th-8th – $4,000 / 600 Pts
9th-16th – $2,750 / 300 Pts
17th-32nd – $1,250 / 100 Pts

Day 1 Update

Day 1 of this year's WCS stop in Montreal is over and from our point of view there are mixed feelings. While Scarlett, who was already qualified for Group Stage 3, already set the course for reaching the playoffs in her first match against Polish Red Bull player Artur "Nerchio" Bloch with a clear 2-0 victory, our very own Ukrainian Zerg "Bly" unfortunately lost in the 2nd groupstage and thus is eliminated. It had looked very good for him at the beginning, but finally he had no chance against the Dutchman "Harstem". Now we are looking forward and roar for our "Queen of Blades", Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn and her further way throug the playoffs.

Day 2 Update

5 games and a big step forward... that is the result of our "Queen of Zerg" after the second day of the WCS Montreal 2018.
Scarlett began with two sovereign victories in the Bo5 series of the first playoff round (Ro16). Everything looked easy against French Protos player Thomas "ShaDoWn" Labrousse. In the third and fourth game on the map "Lost and Found" & "Acid Plant", however, he surprised Scartlett and rallied the series to 2:2.
Scarlett lived up to her reputation in "Blueshift" and made short work of the Frenchman in the end. 3:2 was the end result of the series and Scarlett advanced to the next round.

In waiting now is the tournament favorite - the current leader in WCS Circus: Joona "Serral" Sotala from Finland. So far, he has won all three WCS events in Leipzig, Austin, and Valencia. But nothing is impossible for Scarlett. We look forward to a thrilling second day of playoffs beginning with our very own:
Lions | Scarlett vs Serral

Shadowns insane micro

Scarlett after interview

Day 3 Update

He did it again. The 20 year old Finn Joona "Serral" Sotala dominates the StarCraft scene this year, with Korea being an exception.
With his last win in the 4th and final WCS-Circuit event in Montreal he remains unbeaten and is the best Non-Korean WCS attendant of all time and a favorite for the WCS finals at Blizzcon 2018.

However in his first semifinal match against our "Queen of Blades" it didn't look too good for Serral, Scarlett brought him to his knees and got him almost his first loss in a WCS finalmatch in 2018 with her unique playstyle. But in the end Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn got defeated with 2:3 score.
In the further course of the tournament, the Finn beat the German Julian "Lambo" Brosig 3:2 in the semi-final and the only 16-year-old shooting-star Riccardo "Reynor" Romiti from Italy, 4:3 in the Grand Finals.

After all Scarlett has shown once again in Montreal, that she is one of best Non-Korean StarCraft players of the world and the gap between her and the top players is getting smaller. We will be curious who or what Scarlett is going to mix up in the future. #letsroar for her!

Clip - Serral did it again!

Clip - Scarlett ties up the series

Clip - Why not?

Clip - Tutorial on how to open a Champagne bottle


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