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GLL Season 3


Our PUBG Lions will once again revisit the battlefield of Global Loot League for the third Season!
It’s been roughly a month since our team attended the Offline Finals for GLL Season 2. In our opening matches we proved to be a top contender and although we couldn’t perform this well for the remainder of the event, we established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. And most importantly, we have made mistakes and learnt from them – to come back ever stronger!

In case you have missed it, we have recently signed Samuel “fALECX” Klefe to our roster, in order to fill the vacancy left by Resu-. This move brings fresh blood, new ideas and has shown promising results already. We are going into this tournament hot, and our preparation will hopefully help us towards securing a top spot at GLL!

Right around the corner lurks a six-week-long Group Stage for our players, in which they will compete against the likes of FaZe, PENTA, Liquid and G2. Top international competition will try to take us down, but our aim is once again to make the LAN Finals in order to show how much we have learned and improved since the last season. In each week, one match-day will provide a total of four games, evenly split between Erangel and Miramar. We will gather points through kills and placements, which will ultimately count towards our qualification for the $100k offline event. There we will meet the rest of the competitors hailing from CIS & Turkey and the Americas! You can follow our journey through the official live stream provided by GLL, where the European action will kick off at 20:30 CEST on every match-day. The first couple of matches will take place Wednesday, 12th, already. So head over to the streaming section in this blog to catch all the action!

During six playing weeks, four matches per week will be played in all three regions. Half of the matches will be played on Erangel while the other half of the matches will be played on Miramar. On the side panel you can find a complete schedule for the online portion of GLL S3.

Teams participating

These are the strongest teams in each of their regions (CIS & Turkey, Europe and Americas), after competing in gruelling qualifiers they get to duke it out against each other for a spot at the LAN Grand Finals. Congratulations, the Battlefield awaits!


All playdays will have the same timing

CIS & Turkey – 17:00 – 20:30 CEST
Europe – 20:30 – 00:00 CEST
Americas – 01:00 – 04:30 CEST

  • Week 1 – Wednesday, 12th of September
  • Week 2 – Wednesday, 19th of September
  • Week 3 – Wednesday, 26th of September
  • Week 4 – Wednesday, 3rd of October
  • Week 5 – Wednesday, 17th of October
  • Week 6 – Wednesday, 24th of October

Please note that the dates may change if needed.

Prize Pool

1st – $40,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd – $10,000
4th – $7,000
5th – $5,000
6th – $4,000
7th – $3,000
8th – $2,500
9th – $2,000
10th – $1,500
11-12th – $1,000 each
13-14th – $800 each
15-16th – $700 each

Please note that the prize pool is for the top 16 teams reaching the GLL S3 Grand Finals.

Matchday 1 - September 12th, Update

Unfortunately, our team had a rather rocky start to the season. With two kills in total, we exited the first match of the week on 12th place. For the second game, we even fell towards 15th place and a last place exit in Game 3 didn’t help the stats either. In the last match of the day, we achieved an eight-place finish, finally showing a glimpse of our former selves and of what’s to come! This does unfortunately not lift us from last place in the overall standings, but with five more weeks of matches we are nowhere near giving up.
We’re still in a rebuilding period with our roster change and hope to be able to show more in the coming weeks. #letsroar
See the detailed results from matchday 1 in the section below.

Itzz_ChrizZ the Killer

Lions in Action - week 2

Matchday 2 - September 19th, Update

Week 2 proved to be another real challenge for us. We had to use a stand-in, which made it difficult to execute our usual game plans to their full extents.
Being relegated to the Bravo Division after last week’s meager performance, we dropped the ball on the first match again. A 12th place didn’t really suit us, so we went out and made it to 7th place in the second round with six strong kills! However, the struggle was on again for the following game, in which we placed 15th after a string of unsuccessful engagements.
Finally, we pushed the bar a little higher when we made it into the Top 5 for Game 4, but overall this doesn’t help our standings out that much. We’ll be honest, we’re far from our ideal spot in the Season 3 rankings. But we haven’t even played half of the matches yet, so there is still lots of room for improvement and we still have our eyes set on a top finish in order to make it to the LAN Finals!

Matchday 3 - September 26th, Update

This week, our sights were set on a stronger placing within the Bravo Division. Our aim is to at least make it back into the Alpha Division, for which we would need to be in the Top 4 finishers of the week.
We opened up the third match-day with a promising sixth-place finish. Our boys got a couple of kills, managed to survive long and thus padded our overall standings quite a bit.
In Game 2, we fell behind on a 9th place again and unfortunately a 13th place rounded out our third appearance. Of course that was not enough, so the squad fired up again and carried themselves through to a fourth place in the last game of the day.
While this hasn’t brought us near enough to an overall Top-4 finish this week, we have still been able to showcase our potential and have gathered vital points for the overall standings.
We’re slowly creeping back up in the ranks and will only stop when we have reached the top. Next week we’ll be back with even better games and more consistent results, so stay tuned!

Lion vs Zoekt een Naam

Amazing wipe out by Lions

Matchday 4 - October 3rd, Update

In the fourth week of games, we still had to fight our way through the Bravo Division.
While we didn’t quite get there, we missed the mark by less than 60 points!
In Game 1, we managed to touch on the Top 4, but Game 2 made us fall behind quite a bit again with a 13th place finish. Throughout these first two rounds we garnered just one kill per game, which probably led to these premature finishes for our team.
So for Game 3 we picked ourselves up, got back in the game and pushed the bar quite a bit, resulting in a six kills and 4th place finish!
While we could push it this far in the last round of the day in terms of placement, we got equally as many kills again and ended as number 7 in the ranks, with almost equally as many points as for Game 3.
Overall, this brought us a 6th place in the weekly rankings, almost in touching distance of the Alpha Division! We’ve had to say goodbye to our dreams of making the LAN Finals, the gap between us and the Top 8 has unfortunately grown too large over the last weeks.
Our aim now is to get better, to use this time with the top teams to get back into shape and work out a game plan for the other upcoming tournaments, in which we finally hope to show what we are worth.
The progress is there, so follow us as we attempt to finally crack the Top 4 next week!


GLL Alpha stream and GLL map stream side by side

GLL Bravo Stream


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