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PUBG: Lions @ OMEN Trophy at Paris Games week !!!

Our team has managed to qualify for the OMEN Trophy tournament at ESWC this month!

After attending the GLL Season 2 Finals in September, The Lions will finally travel to another LAN tournament. This time we will be competing in Paris, at the OMEN Trophy: PUBG Finals as part of the Paris Games Week. A total of 16 teams will duke it out for a $50.000 prize pool, with organizations such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Vitality in the mix. Alternate aTTaX and PENTA Sports, our colleagues from ESL Meisterschaft, will also make an appearance and all in all, we have quite a competitive list of teams to go up against.

But our journey so far wasn’t without hardships. Since he would be unable to attend the finals in Paris with us due to scheduling issues, we had to play without Sonixx for the entire qualifier. Of course this dealt us a strong blow, not being able to execute the game plan that we have been slowly carving out with this new lineup. We were fortunate enough to secure the services of Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, who filled in wonderfully and has been a critical part in securing the slot at the offline portion of the event. With him, we still feel competitive enough to make a scene and secure a Top 8 finish at the event.

“The newly formed lineup around Derinor and piidde has brought along some drastic changes to our game style. With a lot of dedication to practice in recent weeks we made considerable progress as a team, getting to know each other even more and improving from day to day. This has helped us grow not only as a team, but also as individuals and this showed when we brought in CupOfMagic for the qualifier in the place of Sonixx and were still able to play to our potential. The fruits of this hard work are now coming to light with our recent qualification to OMEN Trophy: PUBG at ESWC in Paris. A tough qualifier, in which we were able to show a consistent improvement every time allows us now to fight for 50.000€ in Paris. We are all looking forward to the event starting later this week, and will continue practicing until then.”

OMEN Trophy: PUBG will be held as part of ESWC circuit at the Paris Games Week alongside other esports competitions. The winner of the event will be decided in a total of three match days with five matches each, starting from Oct. 28. 


All timings will be CEST

Paris Games Week 2018 opening hours :

  • Sunday 28th : 8.30am to 6.30pm
    (OMEN Trophy PUBG)
  • Octobre 29th : 8.30am to 6.30pm
    (OMEN Trophy PUBG)
  • Octobre 30th : 8.30am to 6.00pm
    (OMEN Trophy PUBG)

Please note that the dates may change if needed.

Prize Pool

Pricepool is 50.000,00 Euro
Distribution TBD

Please note that the prize pool is only for the top 8 teams.

Teams participating

Matchday 1 - October 28th, Update

In Pavillon 2.2, right besides the ESL Arena lies the ESWC area - and in its heart the OMEN Trophy booth. 16 teams were battling against each other on the first day of competition and it couldn’t have been more spectacular.

Unfortunately, we were on the receiving end of a lot of well-placed shots, which has made the entire day a rather mixed experience for us.
Game 1 kicked off nicely and we landed a fourth place, but the following round left us with a last-place finish.
No improvement there, unfortunately, as we were right back with a 15th place.
This couldn’t go on, obviously, and Round 4 found us right back on third spot! The last round of the day brought another sobering exit, meaning that we are now on 13th place in the overall standings.
We’ve had memorable moments and great individual performances, but not enough to make the day against teams like NIP and Supremacy. We’re trailing behind, but two more match days gives us more than enough time to make up for it and show what we are capable of.
The potential is there – and we are about to unleash it onto the playing field for the second day!

Impressions from Day 1

Clip - Lions Flames wipe

Matchday 2 - October 29th, Update

After a troublesome first day, our boys were keen to improve on the standings and their overall performance.
In Game 1 of the second day, we managed to crack the Top 10, but were sent straight down again to 13th place in the following one. Even though we had more kills than in the first round, we just couldn't survive for long enough. Those two Miramar games didn't really help us in trying to climb the ladder.
Switching to Erangel however, we had a much better time! Surviving well into the late-game, our boys managed a third place over teams like aTTaX, NiP and even PENTA, who barely brought themselves into the Top 10.
In Game 4 of the day, we were able to remain in the Top 5 and even the 11th place in the last match of the day couldn't keep us from advancing in the standings! We're now on the 9th spot in the tournament rankings.
Still not completely satisfying, but a great leap from the #13 spot of the previous day - and with some strong Erangel games we can still manage to crack that Top 8 and place ourselves over the other top teams.
Yesterday Alternate aTTaX were in the spotlight and for the last tournament day, the Lions will try to find similar success on the battlefield!

Matchday 3 - October 30th, Update

After ten games and over the course of two days, we had three Top 4 placings and plenty of chances to attain a Chicken Dinner, which we unfortunately missed out on.
The third and last day of OMEN Trophy: PUBG should prove to be quite a different story, but first we had to concede another disappointing Game 1.
Although dropping from the server as rank #12, our kills helped us to get to a 10th place at least.
For the third round, we narrowly managed to slip into the Top 5, but in Games 4 and 5 we landed on 11th and 16th place, respectively.

Notice that we have left out Game 2? Without that round, this would have been the story - countless chances given away, so often in immediate reach of the victory, always missing out in a narrow fashion. But not in the second round of the day, as everything went in our favor. We were gifted with a fortunate circle to begin with, and setting up a comfortable base early on, we hoped to be able to maintain that position for longer.
Without any hard shifts, the circle steadily closed in on us and left us in an incredibly advantageous position. Having to content with NiP and PENTA, we sought shelter in a housing complex and managed to fend off all the teams that tried to contest this spot, until it was just us and vard from the Ninjas.
A quick kill around the corner from fALECX, and suddenly the boys held a Chicken Dinner in their hands! A bit of luck, a cunning strategy and all those crucial shots in the later phases of the round led us to finally show some prowess in Paris.

For now we only remain on 9th place in the OMEN Trophy: PUBG rankings. But maybe Game 2 is a sign for what is to come. Maybe, in a couple weeks’ or months’ time, the boys will perform this way in a consistent manner - and maybe they will even be crowned champions sometime soon!


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