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Meet Mr. Fresh ...

Lukas “MrFresh” Gaab is the counterpart to ikue in the Lions’ Fortnite duo and together they aim to shred the competitive scene to pieces.

Lucas 01We had the chance to get to know him better by asking him a couple of questions and of course we want to share this with you as well!

Most professional players of your age start off really young. When was that time for you?

MrFresh: “My dad introduced me to gaming back when I was a kid. He used to play a bunch of games and I’d always sit by and ask him about things within the game. That’s how I got into it.”

Fortnite as a game is really young, being released mid-2017. When did you find your way into that game?

MrFresh: “My start with Fortnite would have been at the end of Season 1. It just instantly clicked for me and I fell in love with the game. I was captured by the building aspect of it, so I never really stopped playing to this day.”

It borrows a lot from PUBG and – as one of the original shooters – also some stuff from Counter-Strike? How would you compare them against each other?

MrFresh: “Comparing Fortnite and CSGO is like comparing football and basketball. Other than the shooting aspect, they have virtually nothing in common. Although Fortnite and PUBG belong to the same genre and are similarly structured in terms of how the round progresses, in practice they are two completely different Battle Royale games. Fortnite is much faster paced, while PUBG relies on tactics and strategical executions more.

There’s a lot of people who would like to go your way and become successful in Fortnite. In your opinion, what is important for them to achieve this?

MrFresh: “First of all I’d say that it’s very important to adapt to all the new items that are being introduced into the game. You just can’t anticipate your opponents without knowing exactly what means they have at their disposal. However in my opinion the most important thing to success in Fortnite is to master the building system within the game. Shooting really comes second, as it is the building that gives you the biggest advantages.”

The esports scene for Fortnite is still in its infancy. Do you have any criticism or propositions for what the developer can make differently and what they can do to accommodate for the pros?

MrFresh: “Fortnite as an esport is not doing too bad, for a start. However, the developer Epic Games has to figure out a point system that rewards kills and placements. To help us out the most, they should also make custom games available for the pros, so they can practice more. Most importantly, this also enables us to practice more efficiently overall.”

What is your personal goal in Fortnite esports?

MrFresh: “That one’s very simple! Online competition is tough, but the real deal is offline events. My personal goal is to win a LAN tournament. “

How much of your time are you focusing on Fortnite? Are there any other games you currently like to play?

MrFresh: “I used to play a lot of other titles. CSGO, H1Z1, PUBG, WoW, Starcraft and Rust would come to mind. But right now I am now really dabbling outside of Fortnite much. I am trying to focus on this game only, in order to become better and stronger each day!”

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