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ESLM Season 1

Our team is going hot into the first regular ESL Meisterschaft Season for PUBG!

ESL Meisterschaft’s first proper season for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will commence shortly and we have been seeded in the Alpha Lobby amongst notable German competition, where we will compete for a place in the Online Finals.
Joining us will be teams such as Alternate aTTaX, PENTA Sports and Planetkey Dynamics, and in a total of nine match days, the best teams will be decided through fierce battle.
If you have watched Global Loot League before, you might be quite familiar with ESL’s tournament system. In the Alpha Lobby, the best teams fight for survival while the other teams from the Bravo Lobby will try to advance into the Alpha segment.
On the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th match day, the bottom of Alpha and the top of Bravo will swap places. The amount of swaps will decrease on each of these days, until only one last team makes it into the Alpha Lobby after the 9th and last match day.
A total of 16 teams take place in each of these groups and the same number of teams advance into the playoffs portion of the league, meaning that our goal for the league matches is to stay in the Alpha Lobby and qualify for the Finals.
Recently, our squad has experienced severe turmoil. From the lineup that has fought bitterly through the last GLL Finals, only Sonixx remains. Resu-, Azrael and Itzz_ChrizZ all took their leave and have been replaced by fALECX, piidde and derinor over the last couple of weeks. We hope to finally have found the right lineup and ESLM will become a major test for the boys.
Starting on Friday, October 12, this day of the week will become a brutal battleground for the crème de la crème of German PUBG competition. You can support the Lions by cheering and tuning in on twitch at 19:00 CEST for the first round of matches!

Teams participating & Leaderboards

  • Standing after Matchday 3 / Relegation in Red
    PlatzTeamKillsKill PtsPlacement PtsTotal Pts
    1 PENTA Sports 114 1824 3330 5154
    2 myTeq 67 1072 3690 4762
    3 Tiger Mafia 80 1280 3020 4300
    4 CPLAY 63 1008 2970 3978
    5 o1ne 68 1088 2660 3748
    6 ALTERNATE aTTaX 52 832 2860 3692
    7 Vikingz 35 560 2870 3430
    8 BESIKTAS ESPORTS 73 1168 2100 3268
    9 Tollenz Lions 38 608 2040 2648
    10 Final Gaming 43 688 1630 2318
    11 Team Symphony 44 704 1320 2024
    12 Planetkey Dynamics 35 560 1410 1970
    13 TBD 34 544 1210 1754
    14 Looking for Orga 21 336 1150 1486
    15 iinvisible 17 272 1030 1302
    16 KittyCats 0 0 0 0
  • Standing after Matchday 3 / Promotion in green
    PlatzTeamKillsKill PtsPlacement PtsTotal Pts
    1 kartoffelsalat 63 1008 2000 3008
    2 Loot Goblins 53 848 2090 2938
    3 Turtle eSport 51 816 1900 2716
    4 Wizards eSports Club 38 608 1790 2398
    5 Playing Ducks 28 448 1570 2018
    6 Absnitcher 39 624 1370 1994
    7 MOONWOLF 35 560 1390 1950
    8 Tickling Tentacles Willhaben 30 480 1440 1920
    9 4AK 38 608 1310 1918
    10 Savish Gaming 33 528 1310 1838
    11 AYB ESPORTS 24 384 1370 1754
    12 Austrian Force 37 592 1160 1752
    13 ENTROPY Gaming 10 160 1250 1410
    14 Einwegpizza 16 256 970 1226
    15 Zero Empathy 21 336 840 1176
    16 GLITCH ESPORTS 16 256 720 976
  • Standing after Matchday 5 / Relegation in Red
    PlatzTeamKillsKill PtsPlacement PtsTotal Pts
    1 PENTA Sports 78 1248 1810 3058
    2 kartoffelsalat 55 880 1950 2830
    3 BESIKTAS ESPORTS 48 768 2020 2788
    4 Vikingz 46 736 2000 2736
    5 Tiger Mafia 32 512 1790 2302
    6 Tollenz Lions 41 656 1610 2266
    7 4AK 44 704 1470 2174
    8 myTeq 27 432 1680 2112
    9 Loot Goblins 23 368 1530 1898
    10 ALTERNATE aTTaX 35 560 1270 1830
    11 CPLAY 23 368 1420 1788
    12 o1ne 33 528 1020 1548
    13 Final Gaming 13 208 1020 1228
    14 NoGearNoFear 13 208 970 1178
    15 Playing Ducks 18 288 590 878
    16 Team Symphony 12 192 300 492
  • Standing after Matchday 5 / Promotion in Green
    PlatzTeamKillsKill PtsPlacement PtsTotal Pts
    1 Zero Empathy 62 992 2250 3242
    2 MOONWOLF 80 1280 1940 3220
    3 Savish Gaming 47 752 2000 2752
    4 AYB ESPORTS 45 720 1910 2630
    5 unum iaculat eSports 37 592 1640 2232
    6 Absnitcher 27 432 1770 2202
    7 Turtle eSport 29 464 1610 2074
    8 ENTROPY Gaming 26 416 1600 2016
    9 iinvisible 27 432 1430 1862
    10 Einwegpizza 26 416 1310 1726
    11 Tickling Tentacles Willhaben 18 288 1320 1608
    12 TreadStone PUBG 17 272 1200 1472
    13 Wizards eSports Club 22 352 760 1112
    14 Austrian Force 7 112 910 1022
    15 Looking for Orga 7 112 610 722
    16 TBD 0 0 0 0


All timings will be CEST
  • Alpha-Day 1 – Friday, 12th of October
  • Bravo-Day 1 – Saturday, 13th of October
  • Alpha-Day 2 – Friday, 19th of October
  • Bravo-Day 2 – Saturday, 20th of October
  • Alpha-Day 3 – Friday, 26th of October
  • Bravo-Day 3 – Saturday, 7h of October
  • Alpha-Day 4 – Friday, 2nd of November
  • Bravo-Day 4 – Saturday, 3rd of November
  • Alpha-Day 5 – Friday, 9th of November
  • Bravo-Day 5 – Saturday, 10th of November
  • Alpha-Day 6 – Friday, 16th of November
  • Bravo-Day 6 – Saturday, 17th of November
  • Alpha-Day 7 – Friday, 23rd of November
  • Bravo-Day 7 – Saturday, 24th of November
  • Alpha-Day 8 – Friday, 30th of November
  • Bravo-Day 8 – Saturday, 1st of December
  • Alpha-Day 9 – Friday, 7th of December
  • Bravo-Day 9 – Saturday, 8th of December
  • ONLINE FINAL - Saturday, 22nd of December

Please note that the dates may change if needed.

Prize Pool

Pricepool is 35.000,00 Euro
Distribution TBD

Please note that the prize pool is for the top 16 teams reaching the ESLM Online Final.

Matchday 1 - October 12th, Update

For the first day of the ESL Meisterschaft Season, we did quite a convincing job!
In Game 1, we lost some unfortunate engagements. However, with some hiding magic, piidde and fALECX hid well into the Top 4, but upon being noticed by the other teams we couldn’t get the fights quite right.
In the second game, we were able to eliminate players from aTTaX and other teams, until a firefight with PENTA decimated us down to just two players. Again, fALECX stayed alive and brought us onto the third place! After that, we were able to scratch the Top 10 but in Game 4, our positioning forced us to take an open fight with PENTA while running away from the zone. This resulted in a meager 13th place for us.
The last round didn’t result in a spectacular placing either and overall we achieved a comfortable 7th place in the standings for this week. Far from the top, but far from relegation as well! This was just one of the first outings for our squad, so we’re going to continue grinding these matches.
Tune in next week for the second day of ESL Meisterschaft matches!

Clip, Match 1:

piidde and his legend leggins

Clip, Match 2:

fALECX in Action

Matchday 2 - October 19th, Update

Our Lions had an unfortunate start to the first round. With last place and only two kills on the board we couldn’t really impress anybody, so we ramped our performance up a little bit for the following game.
With a 10th place we were at least more confident, but still nowhere near being satisfied. Our team delivered eighth and seventh place finishes for Game 3 and 4, which brought us back into comfortable margins at the least.
One issue has become apparent – We’re lacking the kills when it comes to the big team fights! This is an issue we will improve upon in the future. Ending the tournament day with 10th place in the last round, a lot of pressure lies on the third match day. In the overall standings of ESL Meisterschaft, we have dropped towards a ninth place. After Day 3, the bottom four of the Elite Division will swap places with the top four of the Diamond Division, meaning that we are now getting close towards demotion.
Since our goal for the season is to advance to the playoffs, we mustn’t drop any further in the rankings. But the team is young and we are already showing signs of improvement, so we might just have to wait a little more until the guys unleash their full potential. Tune in for Day 3 next Friday and watch us climb the ranks of ESL Meisterschaft!

Matchday 3 - October 26th, Update

Finally a strong match day in the books!
Last week, we promised to deliver more convincing results and here we are. Of course we had to drop the ball in the first game with a 12th place finish, but this made the subsequent rounds all the more interesting!
For the second round, we broke into the Top 4 for the first time in this ESL Meisterschaft season, leaving our colleagues of Alternate and PENTA behind. We tried to replicate those results for the third match – and we actually did it! Same place, same amount of kills, same points awarded.
In Game 4, we went a different route and exited in 9th place without any kills. That was of course a little disheartening, but that didn’t stop our boys in their tracks – instead they bounced back right after that to close out the day on a third place!
Overall, we have achieved a fifth place for the day. Unfortunately, this has not helped us to advance in the season standings, but that wasn’t our main goal anyways. We wanted to stay safe from relegation to the Diamond Division and most importantly we needed to show improvement and progress.
It’s safe to say that the team is slowly coming together and unleashing their potential. So stick with us – six more match days will decide who advances to the playoffs!

Clip, Match 5:

SoniX the Sniper

Clip, Match 2:

Lions R2 dinner ESLM week 4

Clip, Match 5:

Bestes Turnierdinner ever

Matchday 4 - November 3rd, Update

What a day it has been! Right after an abysmal day at GLL, the boys took revenge on their German competitors in ESL Meisterschaft.
After the third match-day, the bottom four of the Elite Division had been swapped with the four best of the Diamond Lobby and all points had been reset. This meant a new chance for us to improve – and boy did we climb the ranks!
The day kicked off with a fourth-place finish, leaving Alternate and PENTA far behind us in the standings. But the matches didn’t end just there and we had a lot more fights to win before we could call it a day.
Game 2 brought us a sweet Chicken Dinner in a direct fight against PENTA. Derinor and piidde ended up in a rather open field, facing Caint. The Lions ever getting closer, Caint attempted to take down Derinor.
Unfortunately for him, piidde was fast on the reply and gunned him down to secure that #1 spot for us!
While we couldn’t connect to that stunning victory again, we at least brought home another third- and second-place. For the last game we unfortunately dropped the ball and ended up 11th in the rankings, but overall this has been a hugely successful day for us.
Remember that we had been 9th in the ranks just a day ago! With the small margin of 116 points, we now hold the top spot in the Elite Division.
Of course this is subject to change, but we will try to clinch to that spot for as long as possible and at least secure a spot for the Playoffs.

Matchday 5 - November 9th, Update

After a stellar fourth match day, the boys unfortunately couldn’t replicate past successes.
A shaky 7th place kicked off the day for us, but with five overall kills we could actually be quite happy. What couldn’t be happy with, however, was the follow-up round. One kill and a 13th place gave us plenty of stuff to improve upon - and the third game gave us an opportunity to do so.
Two kills and a 10th place were of course not what we had hoped for, but at least we had done something better this time. For the penultimate game, we got one more kill but ended up at pretty much the same spot.
In Game 5, it was the same story over again and we ended up rather at the bottom of the score board.
The wonderful performances from last week seem so far away now, but at least they have come to our aid in the overall standings. We’re still #6, even after that terrible day, and far from relegation.
For the next match day, the scores get reset and the top 3 teams from the Diamond Division get seeded into our lobby. A fresh start means plenty of chances for us to get to that top spot again and we will try to do just that!

Clip, Match 1:

piiddee's strong hits!

Clip - piiddee's strong hits!


ESLM Alpha stream and map stream side by side

ESLM Alpha (Elite) Stream

Alpha (Elite) Map Stream

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