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1st FUT Champions Cup

Kevin Assia at the 1st OFFLINE FUT Champions Cup!

Our very own Kevin "AssiaKevin" Assia has managed to advance to the first FUT Champions Cup of this season. (See the full story here.)

Originally scheduled for November 30, the event has been repositioned and Kevin did  already travel to Romania early this week, attending the first ever FUT Champions Cup. EA have now released additional information for the tournament, including the format and the bracket. As we know now, Kevin will be placed in a Swiss bracket with 32 players on Xbox and other half of the attendees will compete in a similar bracket on the PlayStation. This means that he will play his first match against a randomly drawn Xbox player, after which he will be matched with players who have the same win/loss record. In this Swiss format, everyone who loses three matches is out, and everyone with 3 wins makes it through to the playoffs. This means that 16 players on each console will go through and will end up in a single-elimination bracket, once again separated in Xbox and PlayStation competition. The PS4 and XB1 winners will then go up against each other in the Grand Finals, playing one match on either console and the player with the most goals earned will be crowned as the first ever FUT Champions Cup winner.

“I’m qualified for the first FUT Champions Cup! I’m just speechless… this has by far been the hardest online tournament I’ve ever played.”

- KevinAssia

From Germany, players such as Dr. Erhano, TheStrxngeR, CodyDerFinisher and MoAuba have made it through. As a quarter of the 64 Xbox and PS4 players are hailing from Germany, making it the most prominent region in the tournament. But players such as Gorilla, winner of 2017’s FIFA Interactive World Cup, will try to bar the entrance to the Finals and it will be difficult for our virtual athlete to pierce through this competition.

If you want to support KevinAssia, tune in and follow his journey through the FUT Champions Cup together with us! As soon we get more and detailed information we will update you. The event will kick off on November 30, noon, so be sure to tune in!

Player participating

Playstation     Xbox           
Region Country Player-ID Region Country Player-ID
EMEA Netherlands AjaxLev63 NA USA AFC Ajax Joey
SA Brasil Allancastello--- EMEA Netherlands Ajax Dani 46
EMEA Spain AndoniiPM SA Colombia Bia11Cono
EMEA Malta ChristianSpiteri EMEA United Kingdom BlatantCorn63
EMEA Germany Cihan_Official EMEA Italy Ciroaurinluck
EMEA Germany Denii_10 EMEA Germany CodyDerFinisher
NA USA doolsta EMEA Germanv DullenMIKE
EMEA Denmark EpokSnusFC EMEA United Kingdom F2Tekkz
EMEA Germany eSports_It4Chi NA United Kingdom Fifa Is Too EZ
SA Brasil Fifilza7 APAC Australia FUTWIZ Jamie
EMEA Belgium Gilles_1996 EMEA United Kingdom Hashtag Ryannn
EMEA Spain gravesen_1 EMEA United Kingdom HelpfulTurtle12
NA USA Joksan-- EMEA United Kingdom HUGE G0RILLA
EMEA Germany Kaihtbraa EMEA United Kingdom Jamboo
EMEA Germany Lukas_1004 EMEA Germany KevinAssia
EMEA France MaestroSquad EMEA United Kingdom Lynas 7
EMEA Denmark Mikkelhjorthbach EMEA United Kingdom Lyricz vs Luck
EMEA Germany mo_aubameyang SA Brasil M10 Resende
EMEA Italy NBD2699 APAC Australia MarcusGomesFIFA
SA Argentina nicolas99fc EMEA Germany MegaBit98
NA USA OvO__6IX EMEA Germany NRaseck 7
NA Canada PhilB94_ EMEA United Kingdom Poacherrrr
EMEA Portugal RastaArtur EMEA Germany prooooownez
APAC South Korea Serryworld EMEA Francs Rafsou
SA Brasil SPQR_Tore NA Canada Rogue GM21
EMEA Germany TheStrxngeR NA USA Roma Alek
EMEA United Kingdom TheTruthSZN EMEA Saudi Arabi the roy4i
EMEA Netherlands TonyKokNL SA Brasil The SpiderKong
APAC Japan v3v-ss EMEA Romania un42n8 knight
EMEA Germany VfBDrErhano EMEA Germany x Hensoo
EMEA Sweden Zimmmeghj TBD TBD TBD


All timings will be CEST
Friday, November 30th - Swiss format:
  • Round 1 : 12:00 PS4/Xbox
  • Round 2 : 13:15 PS4/Xbox
  • Round 3 : 14:30 PS4/Xbox
  • Round 4 : 15:45 PS4
  • Round 4 : 17:00 Xbox
  • Round 5 : 18:15 PS4
  • Round 5 : 19:30 Xbox
Saturday, December 1st, playoffs
  • 12:00 - Ro16 PS4/Xbox
  • 16:00 - Ro8 match 1&2 Xbox
  • 17:00 - Ro8 match 1&2 PS4
  • 18:00 - Ro8 match 3&4 Xbox
  • 19:00 - Ro8 match 3&4 PS4
Sunday, December 2nd, finals
  • 12:00 - semi-final 1 Xbox
  • 13:00 - semi-final 2 Xbox
  • 14:00 - semi-final 1 PS4
  • 15:00 - semi-final 2 PS4
  • 16:00 - final PS4
  • 17:00 - final Xbox
  • 18:00 - Grand Final PS4 vs Xbox
Please note that the dates may change if needed.


Total 200.000 USD
  • 1st               50.000 USD
  • 2nd              30.000 USD
  • 3rd-4th        15.000 USD
  • 5th-8th        7.500 USD
  • 9th-16th      3.500 USD
  • 17th-32nd   1.000 USD
  • 33rd-64th    500 USD

FIFA Points

Point will be for each platform (PS4/Xbox)
  • 1st               1.500
  • 2nd              850
  • 3rd-4th        625
  • 5th-8th        450
  • 9th-16th      275
  • 17th-32nd   150


Recap - Day 1

To kick the first day off, Kevin was matched up against Resende from Brazil. In two rather confident rounds, he calmly took away two 1:0 finishes and qualified for the second round of the Swiss bracket, meaning that he would be playing against someone who had also won their first games. The roy4i proved to be a tougher task, stealing a 1-1 tie in games. Goal-wise, Kevin had garnered more points than his Saudi-Arabian opponent though, and was thus sent to the third round with a 2-0 in the standings, where he met Marcus Gomes. The Australian finally brought Kevin to his knees, although once again in a mind-blowingly close fashion. However, our Tollenz Lions player still had two more chances to qualify for the playoffs – which he didn’t even need! A 2-1 and a 4-3 finish against Hensoo finally set it in stone – KevinAssia is through to the knockout stage of the first FUT Champions Cup. His first match will be against Fabio Denuzzo from Italy, after which he will match up against Rogue’s GoalMachine or fight a bitter rematch against Resende. Fingers crossed and #LetsRoar for the second day!

Recap - Day 2

Going into the playoffs, Kevin had quite a rough task ahead. Fabio Danuzzi took him to a 2-3 score line, which made it look like our player was on the brink of losing his series. Instead, Kevin fought back with a 5-1 second game, creating a strong margin and securing his place in the Round of 8. Interestingly, he and proownez were the only Germans to make it thus far. Players like MoAuba, TheStrxnger and Cihan all fell in the first round of the playoffs, which makes Kevin the most successful German at the tournament. What an achievement! Unfortunately, his journey ended right there. Against GoalMachine, he suffered a heartbreakingly close defeat in overtime, meaning that he is out of the first FUT Champions Cup.

“Still satisfied with my performance. Won great pro points + $3500” – KevinAssia

This means that it is back to the drawing board for our young player, as he is already qualified for the third FUT Champions Cup due to take place early next year. More is to come from our FIFA wonder child!

Playoff Results

  • Playoff Playstation 4

  • Playoff Xbox


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